Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF) was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organization and registered in the State of Maryland-USA. It is dedicated to enhancing awareness and appreciation of the multi-faceted and innumerable benefits each culture and civilization has to offer. Our primary endeavors are through people-to-people dialogue, cultural exchange programs, language learning experiences, inter-religious activities, religious and cultural orientations, clergy training, conferences and academic seminars.

CECF’s global programs place particular emphasis on Youth and Women empowerment, Community building through Imams and Clergy trainings on public diplomacy & global outreach, Interfaith and Education exchanges, as well as English Language and Cultural Competency training. Qualified imams, clergy, scholars, community leaders and educators are involved in these programs nationally and internationally.

About Us

Better Understanding for a Better World (BUBW)

  • Diversity & Multi-Cultural Competency Training
  • Leadership Development Workshop
  • Conflict Resolution & Peace Building Workshops

Better Understanding for a Better World International

  • Inter-Cultural & Inter-Religious Education
  • Global-Minded Leadership Training
  • Professional Development & Cooperation Networking

International Observer Program (IOP)

  • Professional & Educational Development
  • Civil Liberties & Religious Freedoms
  • Pluralism, Democracy & Civil Engagement

Study Abroad Program (SAP)    “Short Term”

  • Cultural Immersion Experiences
  • World View & Horizon / Perspective Expansion
  • Global Exposure for Future Career Opportunities

English Language Programs

  • English Language Fluency & Skills Courses
  • Professional Vocabulary & Cultural Nuances Training 
  • Cultural Competency & Leadership Development

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Skills Training & Experiences
  • Communication, Influence, & Management
  • Networking and Internship Opportunities

The Sultan & The Saint

  • Spiritual Journeys & Transformative Encounters
  • Inter-Faith, Inter-Spiritual and Inter-Cultural Peace Building Activities
  • Historically Significant Lessons for Today’s World

Sports & Dialogue

  • Leadership and Team Building Development
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Competency Experiences
  • Common Values and Shared Humanity Activities