Multi-Cultural and Inter-Religious Understanding, Cooperation and Leadership.


Better Understanding for a Better World (BUBW) was developed by CECF in 2006 to provide high school students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to meet and learn from one another. Through 1) Diversity and Cultural Competency Training, 2) Leadership Development, 3) Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Workshops, and 4) Interfaith Experiences, the BUBW conferences have inspired more than 2500 students from more than 78 countries to be the change they want to see in their countries and communities.

Establishment of BUBW International

After having conducted many successful BUBW Conferences in the USA, CECF felt compelled to take these conferences to another level and conduct them on the international stage. With the support and encouragement of alumni, colleagues and partnering organizations across the globe, CECF launched BUBW Internationals regionally for university students and young professionals initially, and has then broadened the participant base to include religious and community leaders and civil society representatives. We have conducted BUBW International Conferences in the Philippines, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Germany, Nairobi and Mombasa-Kenya, and Makassar-Indonesia.


BUBW International Conferences are tailored to address the needs of each region so there may be additional objectives that are not listed below.

  • Develop global-minded citizens, who are multi-culturally competent
  • Engage in leadership skills development
  • Promote volunteerism, civic engagement and inter-community cooperation
  • Facilitate dialogue and business networking between participants from diverse economic, social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Promote the importance of collaboration on both educational and professional levels
  • Expose participants to the beauty of diverse faith practices with an emphasis on respect and common values
  • Bring to light intra and inter-faith challenges that can undermine the ability to effectively address intolerance, radicalization and violent extremism
  • Discuss dangers of and solutions for discrimination, radicalism, ethnic nationalism and religious extremism, which historically have been recipes for war and conflict
  • Cultivate ties of friendship

Upcoming Events

  • BUBW International – Europe – March 13 – 20, 2024

Past Reports